Mission & Vision
See what we aim to achieve

See what we aim to achieve

Our mission

is to unify and enhance social responses to child and youth trauma through advancements in research, practice, policy, and law.

We aim to improve the lives of children and youth impacted by trauma, and to strengthen individual, family, and community resilience.

We are a network of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, professionals, community representatives, and students from a diversity of key institutions and child, youth, and family service sectors.

By joining together in our mission, we bridge provincial, sectoral, and language barriers that often create divisions and splinter progress.

We learn from each other’s experiences and expertise and that of the communities we serve.

We strengthen our capacity to advance research, practices, policies, and laws to improve the lives of children and youth impacted by trauma.

We envision

a world where all children, youth, and their communities:

- Have the opportunity to flourish to their fullest potential;

- Enjoy the full protection and promotion of their rights and best interests;

- Are recognized for their unique strengths and resilience;

- Have access to trauma-informed, healing-centered, rights-respecting, culturally-relevant resources and support.