The Symposium 2022 presentations below are shared on the Portal with the consent of the presenters.

Live presentations

Panel of "P'tits criss": Words of Former Youth in Care

- By Jessica Côté-Guimond, Maggy Durand & Annie Thériault.

(Presentation in French with translation).

University-Black Community Partnerships to Build Capacity for Social Change in Youth Protection

- By Leith Hamilton & Elijah Olise.


Making Meaning of Attachment: Learned Patterns of Giving and Receiving Care Tell the Story of Mental Health in the Early Years

- By Mary Rella.

Moving Beyond Trauma-Informed Care

- By Dawn Isaac & Kristin Lukie.

Recognizing and Responding Safely to Child Maltreatment

- By Harriet MacMillan & Mellissa Kimber.

Pre-recorded presentations

An Examination of Forensic Interviewers’ Note-Taking Practices and Perceptions

- By Matthew Baker, Annie Shiau, Olivia Holden, Kelly McWilliams & Shanna Williams.


Moral Distress and Burnout Among Finnish Social Workers

-  By Maija Mänttäri-van der Kuip, Denise Michelle Brend & Mari Huhtala.


INNclusion: Prevention of 2SLBGTQ+ Youth Homelessness Through Peer Support and Population Based Transitional Housing

- By Alex Cheng, Cheyanne Ratnam & Alex Abramovich.

Being Trauma Aware: A Course Overview

- By Meghan Costello.

Integrating the Voices of Youth in Clinical Training Approaches for Childhood Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence (CEIPV)

- By Olivia Cullen, Angelique Jenney & Laura Lynn Shiels.

Strengthening the Nest: Supporting Natural Supports

- By Melanie Grylls & Jessica Switzer.

Resisting Institutionalization with Trauma-Informed Tools

- By Tim Harbinson, Wendy Lavier & Daniel Johnston.

The Use of Simulation-Based Learning Approaches to Improve Access to Trauma-Informed Care in Children's Mental Health Settings

- By Angelique Jenney, Emma Morgan & Narmin Nikdel.

Reacting to Youth Violence: How Investing in Employee Wellbeing Can Help Prevent Workplace Violence

- By Josianne Lamothe, Steve Geoffrion & Stephan Guay.

A Complex Trauma-Informed Perspective on Self-Regulation Strategies of Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators

- By Katherine Maurer, Katy Konyk & Mert Kimyaci.

The Effect of Residential Care Worker Resilience on the Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Professional Quality of Life: A Mediation Analysis

- By Lise Milne & Cody Fogg.

A Time of Transition and Turmoil: Challenges Delivering and Evaluating a Promising Trauma-Informed Training and Support Program for Residential Care Workers

- By Lise Milne & Alexandra Paiva.

Incorporating the Colonial Trauma Framework into Trauma-Informed Care and Practice

- By Ky Scott, Jennifer Nutton & Nancy Lucero.

Trauma in Very Young Children and Factors Associated with Externalizing Problems Using the InterRAI Early Years

- By Armush Salahadin, Shannon Stewart & Natalia Lapshina.

The Role of Neuroscience in Intimate Partner Violence Interventions: Findings from a Scoping Review

- By Sarah Tarshis, Stephanie Baird & Catherine Messenger.

A Comprehensive Examination of Neglect, Witnessing Domestic Violence, and Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse on School Engagement

- By Jocelyn Van Dyke & Shannon Stewart.

FR - Guide pratique sur le trauma complexe chez les enfants et les adolescents

- By Marie-Ève Grisé Bolduc.

(Presentation in French).

FR - Plus forts ensemble : le soutien social sur le lieu de travail chez les éducateurs en contexte résidentiel

- By Denise Brend & Delphine Collin-Vézina.

(Presentation in French).

FR - Adaptation et Implantation d’une approche sensible aux traumas au sein d’un organisme communautaire venant en aide aux jeunes mères

- By Marie-Emma Gagné, Rachel Langevin & Delphine Collin-Vézina.

(Presentation in French).

FR - Intervention auprès des enfants et des jeunes réfugiés

- By Émilie Picard-Perreault & Jazmin Verdugo.

(Presentation in French).

FR - Décortiquer l'hétérogénéité : les profils des jeunes adolescentes victimes d'agression sexuelle

- By Alexandra Matte Landry, Geneviève Paquette, Mélanie Lapalme, Isabelle Daigneault & Marc Tourigny.

(Presentation in French).