2021 Symposium

All you need to know

Recordings of the May 18, 2021 presentations

Emerging practices Interviewing children with a history of maltreatment

Presentation in English.

Authors: Dr. Victoria Talwar, Mr. Matthew Baker, Ms. Sarah Campbell, Dr. Shanna Williams.

Exploring treatment options for youth who sexually offend

Presentation in English by Nathalie Villeneuve.

Nothing new Covid-19 and the ongoing crisis for youth in care

Presentation in English.

Authors: Ms. Marie Christian, Dr. Melanie Doucet, Ms.Cheyanne Ratnam, Ms. Susan Russell.

Presentation on an Act respecting First Nations Inuit and MeĢtis children, youth and families

Presentation in English.

Authors: Mr. Richard Gray, Me Leila Ben Messaoud, Mr. Cedric Gray-Lehoux.

The trauma sensitive approach bluring the perceived line between victims and offenders

Presentation in French.

Authors: Dr. Isabelle V. Daignault, Drs. Denise Michelle Brend.

Recordings of the May 19, 2021 presentations

Building competencies in treating complex trauma

Presentation in English.

By Dr. Christine A. Courtois

Differential trajectories Black children and the Quebec child welfare syste

Presentation in English. 

By Dr. Alicia Boatswain-Kyte.

Implementing Trauma Sensitive Practices for Youth in Residential Care

Presentation in French.

By Mr. Frédérick Martin, Ms. Claudie Bourget, Dr. Denise Michelle Brend.

Increasing Resource Parents' Accessibility to Effective Training and Data

Presentation in English. 

Authors: Ms. Lauren Stenason, Dr. Elisa Romano.

Intergenerational impacts of child maltreatment

Presentation in English.

Authors: Drs. Rachel Langevin, Ms. Sarah Cabecinha-Alati, Ms. Audrey Kern, Ms. Sereena Pigeon.

Trauma symptoms among sexual and gender minority adolescents & young adults

Presentation in English.

Authors: Dr. Alexa Martin-Storey Dr. Geneviève Paquette Dr. Luc Touchette.

When Research Guides Practice at CAEJs

Presentation in french

By Dr. Martine Hébert, Dr. Isabelle V. Daignault & Dr Mireille Cyr. 

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